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Choosing steel or fiberglass door stain or paint

Entry door colour is one of the effective and easy ways to customize the appearance of your house facade, boost the curb appeal and make a style statement.

When it comes to door finishing, we offer our customers an excellent palette of paint and stain colours to choose from. Besides we also offer a colour matching service which means if the customer wishes another colour which is not present in our palette then they can simply go to a local paint store, find a desired Benjamin Moore code, provide it to us and we will match it while using our high quality industrial paint specifically formulated for use with steel and fiberglass doors.

Let’s take a look at some popular colour choices of our customers in steel and fiberglass doors.

Steel Door Colours

Unfinished on both sides

Our steel doors come factory pre-finished in polyester white finish. This means if no particular colour is selected by the customer, the door will be white by default. This is the least expensive option.

Custom colour on the front side only

Very often customers choose to have just the outside painted in steel doors, keeping the inside white.

Eclipse door with 2 sidelights

ds-282 ds-282-inside











Custom colour on both sides

electric orange AR18_outside electric orange AR18 - inside










When it comes to bright, bold colours, usually homeowners prefer to have both exterior and interiors door surfaces painted into the same colour. In the images below our customer from North Dakota picked Electric Orange (BM 20150-10) for both sides of AR24 with 2 full glass sidelights.

Fiberglass Door Colours

Unfinished fiberglass

Fiberglass doors can be made smooth of woodgrain. When purchased unfinished fiberglass door slabs are not covered by the warranty, so we do not recommend that option. However, some customers may still get an unfinished fiberglass door if they desire to achieve some specific visual effect when applying field finishing, effect which would not be possible to get with factory finishing.

One of such examples is the double door FR03P5 model which was released from factory unfinished and then stained by our customer from Texas to get an antique custom look.

ds-241 out ds-241



One custom colour on both sides

This is the most common option for fiberglass doors – to have both sides painted or stained in one colour.

Our most popular fiberglass door stain colours are Spanish Oak (AR18A double door ) , Golden Oak (AR24 double door),  Dark Walnut (Double entry door with 3/4 size Madrid design), Legacy Mahogany (AV15 single door ) and Vintage Pecan (Uno model with 1 sidelight ), just like in the following models

ds-285_FG_spanish oak ds-290 - FG golden oak

ds-247_dark walnut ds-253 - legacy mahogany ds-268_oak grain_vintage pecan - Copy





















Different custom colour on each side

In fiberglass doors, just like in steel doors, it is also possible to have each side of the door in different colour.

For example, this ds-276 double door with Bordeaux design  is painted in Brown Cherry on the outside and White on the inside.).

ds-276 brown cherry out ds-276 white in





















Or, this Delta double door is painted in Gunstock on the outside and white on the inside.

ds-263_FG-charcoal outside ds-263_FG-white inside












AR24 SierraBesides Benjamin Moore paints, we can also do colour match to other brands. For example, we did colour match to “Sierra” from Penofin Red Label

Regardless of what paint or stain you choose when ordering your entry door, you can rest assured that our finishing process delivers premium quality results and ensures excellent protection of the door surface from the elements.  You can contact our experts for professional advice and help in choosing the right paint or stain for your door.

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