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Craftsman Style Exterior Doors – Fibertech Collection

History of Arts & Crafts architecture

Craftsman architectural style is a part of the Arts and Crafts architecture which appeared under influence of the historic movement against the Industrial Revolution in the middle of the 19th century.

The industrial revolution happening in the 30’s of the 19th century brought a tremendous change to the society with its labor saving machines and labor division promoting labor economy and high profits.

At the time a young  architect named Augustus Pugin didn’t want to just put up with the fact that the new technology leaves no room for human touch, traditional craftsmanship and artistic design.  Together with John Ruskin, an Oxford art history professor who shared the same philosophy they became the founders of the architectural style of Arts & Crafts.

Their main vision was to avoid devaluation of nature, to keep the work joyous by keeping traditional artistry alive and eliminate machine-made massed produced elements of decor.

Classic look of an Arts & Crafts house

arts & craftsA classic Arts and Crafts style home features a low pitched gable roof, broad eaves, dormer windows, natural materials such as wood and stone, glass, brick, open floor plans, focal point fireplaces, often with an inglenook, custom hand crafted furniture and decor items, covered porches, natural wood trim finishes, double hung windows with grills, use of handcrafted stained glass in both windows an exterior door sidelights.

FR-09Nowadays Arts and Crafts homes are still an attractive and popular choice of many homeowners who appreciate timeless appeal of traditional architecture and want to create a warm and welcoming look of their residence. In fact, besides all the usefulness and functionality of a Craftsman style home as a living space, it also can be viewed as a work of art. Craftsman style exterior doors can often be seen in charming bungalows and cottages.

Of course, traditional Craftsman style exterior doors are made of solid wood. However if you are on a budget or if you live in the area where climate is a challenge, then we recommend an excellent solution which will not only be budget-friendly comparing to solid wood doors, but will also increase your entrance performance, energy efficiency and save you time and money on maintenance. Aesthetic wise your door will be indistinguishable from real wood. We are talking about our Fibertech collection of Craftsman style exterior doors made of fiberglass.

Craftsman door finishes, decorative accents, glass

FR-01These fibreglass doors have skins reproducing all the look of real wood, you can choose from oak, fir, mahogany, knotty alder wood grain.  We have a rich palette of stains so you can pick the colour complementing your home exterior, in general Craftsman style exterior doors are stained in earthy tones.  You can also add accents to your door such as a dentil shelf for example in FR01 model, or clavos and speakeasy windows.

Fibertech door collection is very versatile, they come in different configurations and door panels can have glass inserts. Stained glass is an important element of Craftsman style exterior doors, we carry dozens of stained glass designs to choose from so you can customize the look of your door in the best possible way.

Craftsman door hardware

TE_14_ArtsCrafts_US10BUsually Craftsman style exterior doors have handlesets with elaborate design and oil-rubbed bronze is the most commonly used finish. Emtek offers Arts and Crafts line of hardware.

If you are thinking to place an order for a Craftsman entry door, we will be glad to answer your questions and help choose product you need when you drop us a line or dial our toll-free number 1-855-558-3667.

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