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modern lockDoor hardware market is constantly expanding as the demand for more security and higher quality grows. Manufacturers are working hard to come up with new solutions to offer products that will satisfy the pickiest customer. The competition between the industry leaders also grows resulting in more innovative and sophisticated products.

Despite having a history of more than a century, the two most popular brands of door hardware, Weiser and Schlage, are still growing and evolving as the demand changes. While their well-known door hardware lines have their permanent place in the market, both brands introduce new and more innovative products every few years.

When it comes to quality, security and style, both brands go hand in hand.  Their traditional lines of door hardware are equally secure and durable. Weiser has become more popular for its high-quality residential locks, whereas Schlage is more popular for its durable commercial door hardware. However, both brands have a huge selection of locks that come in all kinds of styles and offer different levels of security. With such a variety of choices you are sure to find a lock that will keep your home secure, while nicely complementing the overall design of your house.

So, how to choose that perfect lock that will meet your security and design needs?

Let’s have a closer look at Weiser vs. Schlage brands.

Some history

 Weiser was started in 1904 in California by a European craftsman who used to make fancy locks for Hollywood movies. Each lock was handcrafted to the demands of the customer. Later on, a company named Weiser was established, which manufactured locks for local residencies. By 1950s it became quite popular among local home builders. Within a short period of time after opening a factory in Burnaby, BC in 1954, the company became the industry leader in Canada.


schlage san franciscoSchlage brand also originated from California back in 1920 and its founder was Walter Schlage, a German engineer and inventor. The small shop he first opened in San Francisco successfully grew into a larger business in 1920’s. The image on the right shows Schlage Lock Co. factory building in Visitacion Valley in San Francisco.



Weiser brand innovations


imperial_3One of their innovations is the Brilliance® anti-tarnish finish introduced in 1995 specifically for the Canadian market. The harsh Canadian weather was quite detrimental for regular door hardware, so the brightest minds at Weiser came up with a brilliant solution – a finish that blends with the main material and prevents it from corrosion and discoloration. Locks with Brilliance® anti-tarnish finish withstand any kinds of weather- extreme cold, harmful UV rays, as well as high humidity.


As regular pin-and-tumbler locks did not satisfy the growing security concerns of the customers, Weiser launched another innovative product – SmartKey locks. It was first introduced in Canada in 2006 and one year later in the USA by its sister company Kwikset.

smartkey-weiserSmartKey employs a new side locking bar technology that offers much more security than standard pin-and-tumbler locks. It also comes with BumpGuardTM , which protects against lock bumping. Regular pin-and-tumbler locks can be easily destroyed by such attacks.

The beauty of the SmartKey is that you can re-key the lock yourself without the help of a locksmith. Such a lock comes with a SmartKey tool that allows you to re-key the lock as many times as you want within seconds. Re-keying is usually needed when a key is lost or stolen; if you have just moved in or the key has been used by other people such as workers that you had hired for your home renovation.

For an added convenience, SmartKey allows to re-key all your Weiser locks within the same system to one key so that you don’t carry a huge set of keys. This is a valuable feature if your life is very busy and if you have multiple doors that you use frequently, such as the front door, the back door and the garage door. SmartKey locks will make your life so much easier as you won’t need to spend time finding the right key for the right door.


For those customers who demand even more convenience and security, Weiser offers PowerBolt – an electronic deadbolt with a touchpad. PowerBolt requires no wiring as it operates on 4 AA batteries. It is very easy to install whether you are replacing your existing deadbolt or installing a new one on your brand-new door. It gives you the convenience of using a personalized code, which can be changed as needed.


kevo appThe last, but not the least innovation introduced by Weiser is Kevo. It is a lock that uses wireless technology to operate, thus offering the utmost level of convenience and security. All you need is your mobile phone with Kevo app installed or the Fob – the wireless device that comes with each Kevo lock. Kevo app is available for both Apple and Android devices. Additional Fobs can be purchased separately. So, Weiser has already made the future a reality – you do not need to have a key or remember a code to open your doors.


Schlage lock solutions

 schlage heavy duty locksSchlage locks are made to last. They have a heavy, metal construction with an anti-pick shield for added security. Installing a Schlage lock is a breeze thanks to their patented Snap and StayTM  technology.

Apart from their traditional lines of locks, Schlage manufactures locks that offer a higher level of security. Their Everest, Primus, Primus XP keyways belong in this group.

Schlage Everest keyways function like standard pin-and-tumbler locks, but they have additional sidebar, which is operated by a side pin. The side pin prevents the plug from rotation and can be operated only with an Everest key.

schlage primusThe updated version of Everest is Primus. Primus locks have a secondary sidebar lock alongside the main locking mechanism, which a operated by another five finger pins in addition to the regular six pin cuts. Primus keys can open non-Primus locks, but Primus locks cannot be operated by non-Primus keys.  Primus XP is a newer version of Primus keyways with a slightly modified design.

Unlike standard keys that can be cut and copied in every convenience store that offers key-cutting services, Everest and Primus keys cannot be copied so easily and not every locksmith can do it for you. This feature is especially attractive for people who seek more security and do not need multiple copies of keys.


electronic_deadboltSchlage, being one of the best in the industry, always tries to introduce new products that will please even the toughest customers. Their SecureKey technology that is similar to Weiser’s SmartKey, makes their locks more convenient for the end user. It allows the owner to re-key the lock without removing the deadbolt from the door. In today’s hectic life losing a key is not something unusual.


As life evolves and the market changes, manufacturers strive to meet the demand for new and upgraded products based on modern technologies. Schlage has entered the keyless era with the introduction of its Schlage ConnectTM and Schlage TouchTM  electronic locks. These locks have an illuminated 10-number touchpad that allows you to open the door with a personalized code. Schlage ConnectTM  can also be paired with a third-party automated alarm system that will send you alerts whenever someone enters your home. The keyless locks will save you some time in the morning and will give you some extra peace of mind in the evening: no keys to lose, no locks to pick.



 Through the years both Weiser and Schlage brands have been offering high quality door locks to their customers. In the past few years they have introduced some very innovative products that have met and exceeded the demand for higher quality and security.

Overall, both Weiser and Schlage are worth considering, just keep in mind, that their keyways are quite different and you may not be able to re-key Weiser to a Schlage key and vice versa. So if already have locks of one of these brands, it is advisable to go with that brand for any additional lock.

However, if you are looking for specific features in the lock, like a built-in alarm that can be connected to a third-party alarm system, you will have to choose the brand that offers these features. Choosing a more sophisticated lock might be a tough task, thus consulting with a door hardware specialist before you make a decision will always be a good idea. A correctly chosen lock will save you time and money and will rid you of some real stress.

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