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Fiberglass Interior Doors – Modern Designs for Your Home

for-blogWhen we talk about interior design of the house, very often we assume just the wall décor, lighting, furniture elements and textiles, however there also exist other opportunities to make more creative transformation of your place, such as using fiberglass interior doors as one of the key elements of your interior design.

There are lots of suppliers in the market offering interior doors, but there are very few, if any, who would be offering high quality interior doors in fiberglass. Thermoluxe Door Systems is soon launching its brand new line of fiberglass interior doors featuring designs which can be seen in collections of contemporary exterior doors by Thermoluxe.

These new fiberglass modern interior doors will comprise of popular models from Architec and Avenue series.

Let’s take a closer look at each model to see how these modern interior doors could prettify the interior of your space.


Fiberglass interior doors – Architec door models

for-blog-3AR14 – Focal point of this design is an asymmetrical stainless steel panel with multiple horizontal cutouts – it is quite able to deliver a remarkable and exclusive look to your residence.

AR15 – When lines get paired with cutouts – a versatile and sophisticated design appears – perfect solution for any modern home which wants to emphasize its distinction.

AR17 – two curved stainless steel lines create a perfect balance and symmetry and offer an eye-catching design which is available in monochromatic or two-tone variations for even more versatile and astonishing look of your interior.

for-blog-2AR18 - multiple stainless steel lines running horizontally and an off-centred vertical stainless steel line make a perfect asymmetrical combination – for all those who prefer linear clarity to perforations and cutouts.

AR22 – if you are a fan of modern minimalism, “less is more” is your motto, then our model with two parallel vertical stainless steel lines is just what you may be looking for. It is great for all customers who prefer simplicity in design and value contemporary trends that will never become old.

AR24 – our most popular model with four to five horizontal stainless steel lines on the slab. This design has been a true bestseller amongst our customers, it can instantly and magically enhance your space!


Two parallel 8” wide stainless steel lines across the central part of the door panel create a focal point with a distinct avant-garde flavour.


Fiberglass interior doors – Avenue door models

AV-08 black single no glassAV08

We created multiple 2” wide stainless steel intersections and gave the lines a slight curve. In between the curves we added a glass insert – and the result is a breathtaking design which is guaranteed to make a bold statement. AV08 could by done without glass marked as AVR08


A curved rectangle door light is framed in 2” wide stainless frame and complemented by four angled steel lines across the slab. Your entryway will look extraordinary and unique. AV09 can also be done without glass – AVR09


Elegant, stylish and simply fabulous design featuring an off-centred symmetrical lens shape with a tempered triple sealed glass unit between the stainless steel arcs. This clear smooth design will make your entrance sophisticated and charming.


We modified the symmetrical lens element from AV12 and upgraded it by adding extra stainless steel components to achieve a complex pattern and give the door an unconventional sleek look.


Fibreglass door properties

fiberglass door coreIn general fibreglass material has its great properties which allow making strong and durable entry doors in smooth or woodgrain skins. Wood resemblance is so striking that you won’t be able to distinguish it from real wood, in particular from oak. Since these doors have a solid core of injected , they will do a great job of blocking out the noise and provide a good insulation.

Thermoluxe collection of modern interior doors delivers both function & beauty. Being a very functional part of interior design, modern these doors also can become room’s true adornments full of style and glamour and tremendously add to the style of your place.

At Doorshoppers.com you will be able to buy interior doors as slabs only so you can have an option of using your existing door jambs, or if you need, you can also purchase them with a frame. We offer a wide palette of paints and stains as well as colour matching to Benjamin Moore paint.

Our interior doors have that stylish and exclusive appearance and are designed to enrich your home’s modern interior. Unique and innovative designs can provide not only privacy to your rooms, but also become a centrepiece of your room decor. They combine stunning simplicity which emphasizes the refined taste of the homeowner and makes a dramatic statement. Use of cutting edge technology in production of these doors creates a strong and durable product.

If you have any questions about any of the products, you can always contact our door experts and get a professional advice.


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