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Emerging Home Design Trend: Front Doors with Stainless Steel Panels.
The front door establishes the theme for the rest of the house. It gives the impression of what it’s like to be inside, especially since anyone coming to visit will have to wait by this area in the house for a few minutes. Over the years, the front door has taken on different styles and design, and stainless steel doors panels have emerged as one of the latest trends.

So, why should you consider the door with stainless steel panels or inserts for your house? 

There are three main reason to choose it:



AR-14 Black Fiberglass Door with Two Sidelight Linea Glass TLAR14F Black Fiberglass Door with Two Sidelites Linea Glass
AR-11 Black TLAR11F Black Fiberglass Door with painted and stainless steel panels
AV-15 black TLAV15S Steel double door with stainless steel frames over acid etched glass inserts


Doors with stainless steel designs are attractive and unique yet simple and modern

The appeal of having stainless steel designs in doors for the entrance of the house may be unheard of for some homeowners, as this type is usually associated with commercial properties and delivers a strong modern style message. But this is precisely the point of choosing such a design – it isn’t the most obvious and common choice.

Steel Entry DoorStainless steel designs fused into steel or fiberglass doors bring a different tone to the house, providing a modern and attractive flair. With good decorating aesthetics, the doors can make the house look impeccable and sophisticated, and hardly like a laboratory or a factory. Modern variations even come with different grades or finishes, such as satin, matte or polished, and you can choose the design what would look most appropriate for the home. Placement of the door is also a big factor to its appearance, which you can enhance and highlight with wall lights or plants and flowers.

Stainless steel offer a better security

Stainless steel material incorporated into modern door designs was first made available before the 1940’s, at a time of war preparations. Because it is known to be hard wearing, solid and touch, it made sense to use this if protection and security are big concerns. Doors with stainless steel panels and inserts are built on high quality fiberglass or steel slabs. Needless to say, this incorporation only enriching strongly built doors for better security.

Stainless steel front doors are simple to maintain

The fact that it is both corrosion and fire resistant is also another plus point. You won’t have to worry about stainless steel doors deteriorating over time because they are built to last many long years. It won’t warp and shrink in between season changes, and it will not rot or deteriorate.

Consequently, it doesn't require too much maintenance, even as it can naturally attract or be exposed to a lot of moisture and dust. Depending on the finish of the steel doors, however, there are some non-acidic and non-chemical waxes you can use for cleaning stainless steel material. The door can be wiped clean with a simple soft cloth and it will still look flawless afterwards.

Fiberglass front doors with stainless steel panels and inserts are a good option and here, you have various options.

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