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  • Choosing steel or fiberglass door stain or paint

    Entry door colour is one of the effective and easy ways to customize the appearance of your house facade, boost the curb appeal and make a style statement. When it comes to door finishing, we offer our customers an excellent palette of paint and stain colours to choose from. Besides we also offer a colour matching service which means if the customer wishes another colour which is not present in our palette then they can simply go to a local paint store, find a desired Benjamin Moore code, provide it to us and we will match it while using our high quality industrial paint specifically formulated for use with steel and fiberglass doors. Let’s take a look at some popular colour choices of our customers in steel and fiberglass doors. Steel Do ...

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  • Craftsman Style Exterior Doors – Fibertech Collection

    History of Arts & Crafts architecture Craftsman architectural style is a part of the Arts and Crafts architecture which appeared under influence of the historic movement against the Industrial Revolution in the middle of the 19th century. The industrial revolution happening in the 30’s of the 19th century brought a tremendous change to the society with its labor saving machines and labor division promoting labor economy and high profits. At the time a young  architect named Augustus Pugin didn’t want to just put up with the fact that the new technology leaves no room for human touch, traditional craftsmanship and artistic design.  Together with John Ruskin, an Oxford art history professor who shared the same philosophy they became ...

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  • Which Contemporary Exterior Door Is Right for You?

    Being one of the largest online retailers of contemporary exterior doors, Doorshoppers is always on the lookout for the most attractive and versatile models to make sure every customer can find a door of his/her dream which can easily blend into the residence style and boost the house curb appeal. That is why our collections is constantly growing and is added with more innovative models which can appeal to our customers’ most demanding tastes. It is not sometimes easy to make a choice and settle with a specific model, that’s why we decided to make an overview of key features and benefits of our hot selling models. Glass or no glass? So if you decided you are on the marker for a new door, the first question in terms of door deisgn you wo ...

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  • Transitional Collection FR20 – a Perfect Blend of Traditional and Contemporary Style in Fiberglass Exterior Doors

    As you may be already aware, we carry plenty of contemporary and traditional door models to meet different design needs of our customers. But there is one door collection which stands out from the rest of the doors, for the reason that its models cannot be defined as purely traditional or purely contemporary ones. Here we are talking about our FR20 door series which we call Transitional Collection and in this article we wanted to talk more about these stylish fiberglass exterior doors which have beautiful aesthetics and are in high demand among our customers. These beautiful fiberglass door skins reproduce authentic wood with highest accuracy so even under close scrutiny they look like real wood. This illusion is being achieved through cutt ...

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  • Historic Door Types and Their Modern Interpretation

    We are used to see interior and exterior entry doors of many different kinds in everyday life,  most of them are regular hinged swinging doors, some are sliding type, and few have less conventional operation and appearance. However, we often do not even know about existence of very interesting and unusual door types, or even about the history of some doors which we regularly use. In this article we will talk about various historic door types and how they are used in modern life. Dutch doors A Dutch door, aka “a stable door” or “a half door” is a historic type of door very popular in Holland in the 17th century. A Dutch door consists of 2 parts – top and bottom – these parts are divided horizontally in such a way that each part ...

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    For centuries wood has been a traditional material for entry door making. Rapid development of science and technology in the 20th century brought new achievements and one of them was creating glass wool in early 30's. It was an accidental discovery when a compressed air steam was directed at molten glass and created fibers. That's how glass fiber mass production method was found. Glass wool is known for its superior insulating properties for the reason that its glass strand texture has multiple tiny air pockets trapped in between. Fiberglass in door industry Fiberglass material production and use spread quickly and very soon this amazing material found hundreds of applications in various industries and door manufacturing industry was one of ...


    In the previous article we talked about door glass collections and how it can enhance your entry door. Door glass inserts are available in various sizes, the most common are: 22"x36" (half glass), 22"x48" (three-quarter glass), 22"x64" (full glass). Sidelights are available in 7"x64", 8"x36", 8"x48" sizes. If you have an entry door with glass then sometimes you may have a situation when you need to have door glass replaced, for example due to a crack or a broken seal. The following paragraphs will provide you with detailed explanation how this can be done. A frame for doorglass is made of PVC, depending on the door material it can be smooth PVC or woodgrain PVC. Such frame consists of 3 parts: the exterior part , the interior part (white co ...

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  • Decorative door glass paradise - tons of stained glass door models are now available to buy!

    For centuries glass has always been a prominent part of both interior and exterior decor of people's abodes. Entry doors with stained glass are indeed a true focal point of any house. Stained glass dresses up the entrance, makes it more vivid, adds special festive flavour to it and sets the mood for the overall exterior design. Its main purpose is to beautify the entry of course, but it also does something else - allows more natural light into the house. The true beauty of stained glass is especially emphasized on a bright sunny day - when the light reaches and passes through it, it bursts into dozens of multi coloured patches which stay on the floors and walls allowing homeowners to enjoy this picturesque effect of natural light transforma ...

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  • Fiberglass Interior Doors – Modern Designs for Your Home

    When we talk about interior design of the house, very often we assume just the wall décor, lighting, furniture elements and textiles, however there also exist other opportunities to make more creative transformation of your place, such as using fiberglass interior doors as one of the key elements of your interior design. There are lots of suppliers in the market offering interior doors, but there are very few, if any, who would be offering high quality interior doors in fiberglass. Thermoluxe Door Systems is soon launching its brand new line of fiberglass interior doors featuring designs which can be seen in collections of contemporary exterior doors by Thermoluxe. These new fiberglass modern interior doors will comprise of popular models ...

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    When it comes to getting an exterior door for your own place, it is always a tough choice. Nowadays sellers always compete among themselves offering more advanced and improved products than a few decades ago. With such a saturated market of door products it is your responsibility to perform a search and decide who will do the best job in providing you with the door of your dream. Here is what you should look at if you decide to customize your exterior door. Choosing door finish The most important decision you have to decide whether you want to go with a door made out of steel or fiberglass. For steel doors you would have an option to keep it standard pre-finished factory white or choose a colour of your own from a beautiful palette the manu ...


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