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sliding_patio_doorsA popular feature in many houses is a back area with patio doors that either are sliding or swinging. These patio doors are fundamental to the house because they offer additional light in an enclosed place, or help create more spaces by extending the floor area of the house from the inside to the outside. These doors also function to secure the house from leakage, heat loss, or even unwanted intruders.


But between choosing to install a sliding patio door and a swing patio door,
how do you know which to prefer?


Sliding patio doors
Also known as gliding patio doors, sliding patio doors are built with individual panels and rollers at the bottom of the frame so that it would open and close easily. The most common construction materials used for sliding doors are metal, fiberglass,wood and vinyl.

Swinging patio doors
Hinged doors like Garden or French doors, this type functions like a standard door and opens widely to the patio or backyard. The hinges are either set on the centre or jamb side, and there is a latching device mounted on one of the panels, so that it would be easy to swing in or out. The direction where the door swings is entirely up to the way the house is designed.  The most common construction material used for this type is wood, but recent years also available in metal/vinyl combination, fiberglass and steel.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Sliding Patio Doors

The biggest advantage to sliding doors is that it’s a space saver. Because it functions parallel to the wall, it doesn't take any space when the door is used, and it also doesn't disrupt the walkway and the placement of furniture around it. If you prefer, you can put up shelves just right next to the sliding doors, or add a chair or a plant, and the doors would still be functional and appealing. Because of this, it’s sensible to install this type, particularly with smaller places.

Sliding patio doors can double as big windows, when there are not enough windows in the room. You can easily watch the kids play outside in full view, while the door is shut so that pets or pests from the outside are not able to enter.

However, due to the mechanism under it, sliding patio doors may require more maintenance due to wear and tear. Some of its replacement parts can be costly, especially with glass panels. It’s also common to have the doors staying stuck or sliding roughly during cold weathers, or have heat leaking out because the doors are no longer leveled or properly sealed.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Swing Patio Doors

While sliding doors look basic and practical, hinged doors appear more elegant, classic and beautiful, and will go great with a house that has no space issues.

A big plus to swing patio doors is that it seals better due to its design. When heat needs to be retained inside the house during winter, or when the doors need to be secure when it’s raining outside, you can rely on the latch of the doors to stay secure and intact, trapping heat in or keeping water off. You can also install multi point lock mechanism for a double doors, and hence, it’s more secure.

French doors are deemed more expensive, which is why it’s not easily an option many consider. However, much of this will also depend on the materials used.


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