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Transitional Collection FR20 – a Perfect Blend of Traditional and Contemporary Style in Fiberglass Exterior Doors

As you may be already aware, we carry plenty of contemporary and traditional door models to meet different design needs of our customers.

But there is one door collection which stands out from the rest of the doors, for the reason that its models cannot be defined as purely traditional or purely contemporary ones. Here we are talking about our FR20 door series which we call Transitional Collection and in this article we wanted to talk more about these stylish fiberglass exterior doors which have beautiful aesthetics and are in high demand among our customers.

These beautiful fiberglass door skins reproduce authentic wood with highest accuracy so even under close scrutiny they look like real wood. This illusion is being achieved through cutting edge Mastergrain Weber technology which involves a patented nickel vapor deposition process of creating a door mold in which silicon is cast over real wood and then picks its grain details which are then transferred to the mold.

It is the rich stained wood grain which gives all FR20 models warm, traditional appearance and it is the geometrical design of multiple straight lines which gives these doors a sleek modern look at the same time.



fr20-dFR20 was the first to appear in this line. It features rich teak grain skin. Teak is expensive wood species and therefore having a teak grain door will add luxury to you house. Typical teak grain is straight, however, sometimes can be wavy or interlocked, it has coarse, uneven texture. FR20 door slab has five horizontal grooved lines and one vertical line – this design looks especially great with contemporary pull bar handle and a deadbolt lock.





FR-20AFR20A door has the design very similar to FR20 door, the difference is it is made in cherry tree grain. Cherry grain displays straight or a bit wavy pattern with fine and even texture. FR20A door model can look equally great with classic handlesets or contemporary pull handles.







FR-20B - CopyFR20B is another cherry grain model with a modern groove line design – feature two vertical lines with multiple horizontal lines in between them. Customers who order this door often choose to add the pull handle model DSPH-2324 in black finish.







FR-20CFR20C door model displays just the horizontal lines and has been a popular design since we brought it. It allows versatile hardware options and creates a timeless appearance for all modern residences.


FR20D makes probably the most loud design statement with its central deep grooves running vertically and creating a 3D texture. A combination of a pull bar handle with a deadbolt add a perfect finishing touch to this gorgeous door model and make it a true focal point of you entrance.

FR-20DWhat’s interesting about FR20C and FR20D models is that these doors are both available in two different grains. Being very popular models, their cherry grain versions were not always affordable to everyone who liked the design, so we decided to bring their oak grain versions to the store as well, and now our customers can choose between expensive luxurious cherry, or more budget-friendly classic oak grain.

Now that we have talked about key features of these amazing FR20 doors, we hope you are interested to learn more or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to drop us a line or call our specialists toll-free 1 (855) 558-3667 for a professional expert advice and technical recommendations.

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