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When it comes to getting an exterior door for your own place, it is always a tough choice. Nowadays sellers always compete among themselves offering more advanced and improved products than a few decades ago. With such a saturated market of door products it is your responsibility to perform a search and decide who will do the best job in providing you with the door of your dream. Here is what you should look at if you decide to customize your exterior door.

Choosing door finish

color chip_Page_1 - CopyThe most important decision you have to decide whether you want to go with a door made out of steel or fiberglass.

For steel doors you would have an option to keep it standard pre-finished factory white or choose a colour of your own from a beautiful palette the manufacturer has to offer.

You may even decide that interior and exterior of the door should have its own colour each. This option may cost a bit extra though.

With a fiberglass door being chosen, you would need to determine whether you want the door to have a smooth or woodgrain finish and have it either painted or stained.

Some stains maybe included in the door price, while other may cost some extra money.

Also you may consider adding a pearl agent to the door paint to achieve a metallic effect, which will be especially visible in the sunrays. If you think about a metallic car shine, with the doors it is not that pronounced, maybe third of it, but if you have stainless steel décor elements in the door, then it will bring them up in the most effective way.

It is not always easy to tell the colour by looking at the monitor screen, so for your reference each paint colour has a Benjamin Moore code for reference, so you can get to your local hardware store and take a look at the actual BM colour chart.


Customizing door glass

Dragon FerrumtechTo add more texture to your door as well as to bring more light into the house, you should consider choosing a design which has glass. Glass inserts open up a world of design opportunities. Even within the same door model there are different glass options available which are capable to change the look of the same door completely, not to mention the whole range of contemporary and traditional door models with glass, where choices are truly versatile and unlimited.

Shape of glass inserts can make a big difference in the door look as well. For instance such doors like Delta, Integra and Eclipse all offer multiple glass inserts, but because of differences in their shape and size, these models look quite differently.

Another example of a door with different glass design options is BV07. This beautiful arched door comes with five stunning wrought iron patterns, so you can choose your entrance to have either traditional or modern look.

photo(1) If you need a door with sidelights, then you can choose from clear, acid etched or frosted. And if you have, for example AR24 model, you could choose the sidelights to have the matching horizontal lines.

 Sometimes glass design can be customized as per customer’s request. For example, this picture on the right shows custom made glass inserts for AV23.



Choosing hardware

custom AR18-DThe last but not the least way to customize your door is to choose the hardware. Locking hardware is a very noticeable part and plays a very important role in the door appearance.

So at the time of your purchase you will have to decide whether your door will have a multi-point lock installed or a regular deadbolt or a handleset.

Very often customers who order a multi point lock prefer to go with a trim, which includes a plate and a handle. The trims are available in different shapes, finishes and styles. Alternatively, a multi-point lock can be key activated and go with a deadbolt and a pull bar handle.

Sectional or monolith door handle sets add special decorative accents and can instantly beautify your door.

In addition, you may opt for customizing door hardware and door components, such as black powder coating of stainless steel decorative lines and pull handles and black anodizing of the threshold.

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