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Which Contemporary Exterior Door Is Right for You?

Being one of the largest online retailers of contemporary exterior doors, Doorshoppers is always on the lookout for the most attractive and versatile models to make sure every customer can find a door of his/her dream which can easily blend into the residence style and boost the house curb appeal.

That is why our collections is constantly growing and is added with more innovative models which can appeal to our customers’ most demanding tastes.

It is not sometimes easy to make a choice and settle with a specific model, that’s why we decided to make an overview of key features and benefits of our hot selling models.

Glass or no glass?

Rockaway, New Jersey - outsideSo if you decided you are on the marker for a new door, the first question in terms of door deisgn you would have to ask yourself whether you want a door with or without glass?

If you want glass, please, consider our Avenue and Diagano collections or ArtVitrum patterned glass doors such as Delta, Integra, Omega, Vista and Eclipse.

Shopping Tip:  Avenue doors are also available without glass – they are called AVR models.



Lines or Panels?


Handles coverIf you decided you prefer a door without glass, then you should take a look at our Architec doors which have been designed as contemporary doors with no glass.

Lines are an integral part of Architec doors. Straight and curvy, thick and thin, horizontal or vertical – we have it all in this door collection. Our lines are made of high quality 18 gauge (1.27mm) stainless steel which are then attached with a special adhesive to the door skin. Stainless steel design glued to the door surface is our default option, however, we also have available stainless steel lines which are flush with the door. This customization costs more for the reason that it requires a slab upgrade to a thicker skin. Then grooves are being routed by CNC machine and then the lines are set in these grooves.

Number of stainless steel lines is determined by the door height. Thus, 6’8” AR-24 & AR-18 will have 4 horizontal lines, and 8’ same door models will already have 5 of those lines.

AR-14 - CopyShopping Tip: Did you know we offer a price saving option by letting you choose whether stainless steel design will be just on the front side of the door or on its both sides.


Stainless steel decorative panels are another feature of our contemporary exterior doors. They can be centred, off-centred, perforated or with cut out lines. They are worth taking a look at, check them out: AR-12, AR-14, AR-15, AR-16.


Busy pattern or minimalism design?

thornhill2AV-08 SSL(2)











For those homeowners who value contemporary minimalism designs we offer a few models such as AR-22 and AR-17, AVR-12 and AR-26, AR-14

If you think a door with a busy pattern will work better for your façade we would recommend to consider such models as AV-08, AVR-08, AV09, AVR-09, AV-15, AVR-15, AR-15, AR-18.



Monochromatic or two-tone paint?

AR-17In most cases each side of the door will be monochromatic, i.e will only be painted in one solid colour. This is true with the majority of models, however for those who want to make a special stylish statement we carry models which can be two-coloured, if desired. These are such doors as AV-23, AV-05, AR-17, DI-21. Also, keep in mind we offer a wide paint palette, including bold colours, such as Electric Orange, for example.

Shopping tip:  Did you know that we can do colour match? That means if you don’t see the tone you want in our palette, simply go to local Benjamin Moore store, then provide us with the code and we will match it!

To make an informed decision on choosing the right contemporary door we recommend that you talk to one of our specialists who are always happy to assist and answer all technical questions. Feel free to call us toll-free 1-855-558-3667 or send us your question online.

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