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Entry Doors in Feng Shui

entryway_wall mirrorOne of the main criteria in choosing a front door is security and, understandably, most home owners want to have the strongest and the most secure doors available in the market. Many of them also invest in expensive security systems to protect their homes from potential intruders. However, even the best security system will not protect your home from the negative energy if your front doors have bad Feng Shui. On the contrary, front doors chosen according to Feng Shui rules, will let you enjoy the benefits of Chi (the positive energy) and keep the negative energy at bay.

Entry doors in Feng Shui are considered “the mouth” of a house, through which the energy circulates. An entrance door with good Feng Shui will help you maintain a constant flow of positive energy into your living space and will greatly influence your well-being in a very positive way. The position, the size, the appearance of the door and even the area that surrounds the door – everything is important when it comes to creating a positively energized entrance space.  Thus, let’s see what a good Feng Shui door looks like.


Set it right

inswing doorIn order to allow Chi into the living area, the entrance door should always open inwards. In this case Chi will easily enter your home. When the door opens outwards, it pushes away the positive energy and it cannot freely enter, thus your living space will not be as energized. So, if your entrance doors open outwards, consider changing the position of the hinges.

small round table with a plantIf the entrance door is aligned with an inside door, the positive energy will not circulate inside your living area, as the other door will create a barrier for it. In this case, you can try to redirect the flow of positive energy by placing a round table (for example, a small round side table) between the two doors. Placing a plant pot on the table will further enhance the positive energy.

Alignment of the entrance door with windows will make the positive energy, entering through the door, escape directly through the windows without having a chance to stay and nourish your living space. Covering the windows with thick and long curtains will help prevent Chi from escaping.


Size matters

Modern-wooden-main-door-designs-ideasIt is logical that small entrance doors are not the best choice in terms of Feng Shui, but entrance doors that are disproportional and too big for your house will be equally bad. When the door is too small, there will not be enough of Chi entering your home, thus your living space will suffer lack of energy. However, when the door is too big, there will be too much energy, which will make you exhausted instead of being nourished and balanced. That is why the entrance door should always be big and high enough so that the tallest person in the house can move through the door freely, but at the same time small enough to protect the living space from extra energy. If your doors are too small, placing mirrors on the walls on both sides of the door will enhance the positive energy coming through the door. However, never place a mirror to face the entrance door – it will reflect the energy, never allowing it to enter your home.  If the door is too big, you can make the space surrounding the door appear smaller by placing plant pots or re-arranging the furniture.

Hallway to wealth

hallway designIn Feng Shui, the hallway or foyer of the house is thought to be the passage to wealth and has its own requirements for maintaining a constant flow of Chi. This area should never be clogged, especially with extra furniture, broken décor or other items (which you plan to restore or replace later) or dirty shoes that will not only trap Chi, but will radiate their own negative energy. It should always be neat and tidy, clean and organized. The size of the entrance area should be big enough to let your doors open freely without being held by a side wall or objects placed behind the door.

As in case with a small entrance door, placing mirrors on the walls will visually enlarge the entrance area. If it is too big, some Feng Shui friendly objects will make it appear smaller, while enhancing the incoming Chi.

Judging by appearance

pottery barn storageKeeping your doors, as well as your entrance area free of dust, rust and clutter, is not only eye-pleasing, but also positively energizing. A nice foyer smartly decorated with energy-inviting and energy-boosting objects will surely enhance the positive energy that is coming through your carefully chosen entrance door. Consider browsing online stores offering hallway storage solutions. Fortune-bringing plants, placed on both sides of the door, Foo dog statues (or Lion Dogs) that protect your space from negative energy, old coins tied with a red thread and buried under the doormat – there are lots of ways to protect your home from negative energy and invite the positive one.


Keeping a constant inflow of positive energy and making sure it enters every corner of your house is not so difficult. You can start by keeping its way free of obstacles and maintaining a clean and tidy living area, so that Chi can freely circulate. If you are a busy person and do not have time to dig into the details of and find appropriate items to improve the Feng Shui of your home, it is always a good idea to consult with a Feng Shui specialist, who will help you choose the ones that are most appropriate for your home.

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