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Emtek Zeus

When you think about a door lock, the first word that comes to mind is security. Understanding the differences between various types of door locks will help you determine whether or not it will provide the level of security you want. The two most popular types of door hardware are tubular locks and multi-points locks. The following article will outline the major differences between these locks.



Tubular Locks

Standard tubular locks are the most popular door hardware in North America. These locks can be installed on an existing door, as well as a new one. Tubular locks are relatively easy to install and may not even require a professional installer to get the job done.

Tubular locks are designed so that they require two separate bored holes of the same size for the latch and the deadbolt. The latch and the deadbolt are not interconnected and will require separate faceplates. This type of hardware uses a single point locking system.

Tubular locks are widely used for interior doors such as closet, bathroom or bedroom doors. However, they are gaining more popularity in use for exterior doors as well due to their affordability, ease of installation and availability.



When it comes to security, a high-quality tubular lock can be as secure as any other lock, but this is where quality really matters. Emtek tubular entrysets are a perfect locking solution offering an excellent security level and versatile stylish designs for traditional and contemporary doors.




Mortise Locks

With the help of a qualified door hardware installer an existing tubular lock can bme_41_ss_mortise_ose replaced by a more secure mortise lock, if you need some extra security. A mortise lock will require a special mortise preparation at the edge of the door in order to be installed. However, a highly skilled installer will be able to do this for you. A mortise lock has a latch and a deadbolt, which are interconnected and combined in a case that will fit into the mortise pocket of the door. Such a lock will require only one faceplate, unlike a tubular lock. Mortise locks offer a high level of security and resistance to mechanical damages. Due to their enhanced security and robustness such locks are very popular in high traffic buildings, such as schools and hospitals.

Multi-Point Locks


Multi-point locks have been popular in the European market for a long time and are gradually gaining more popularity in the North American market as well. However, multi-point locks manufactured for the North American market have been slightly adjusted to be more convenient and easy to use. One of these adjustments is the position of the thumb-turn: unlike the European one, the thumb-turn is located above the lever and rotates only 90 degrees (vs. 360 degrees in European locks), so it is easy to see whether the door is locked or not.

Unlike tubular locks, multi-point locks have at least three locking points. This type of locking system allows the distribution of  the pressure across the door instead of having it at only one point. They usually have a steel construction that secures the shutter to the top, the center and the bottom of the door frame. It also makes the lock more secure and weather resistant.

Multi-point locks are especially valuable for taller doors such as French patio doors and custom-made tall exterior doors. In such cases standard tubular locks may not be secure enough to keep the doors in place. Thus, multi-point locks are the number one choice for those customers, who want to combine the visual appeal with security.

Unlike tubular locks, which can be easily installed on an existing door, multi-point locks will require a custom preparation for installation. Therefore, they are usually provided by the door manufacturer. The multi-point exterior trim can easily be purchased online or at a local hardware store.

Deciding what type of door hardware meets all your needs will greatly depend on the type, size and place of your doors. Choosing a high-quality lock, be it tubular or multi-point, from a reputed manufacturer is always a good idea well worth investing, as security is always assured by quality. A professionally installed high-quality door with a high-quality lock is all you need for your peace of mind and sound sleep.

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