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Ordering a Pre-Hung Door System Online


Buying a custom pre-hung door system online can be a frustrating thing, but it doesn’t have to be. That is why we created a procedure to facilitate the ordering process and make it stress free.   


  • All our doors are made to order and guaranteed by the manufacturer. We guarantee to confirm with you all details of the door before proceeding your order.
  • We guarantee 2 level inspection of ordered product before shipment.
  • We guarantee replacement of your door in case of damage during delivery.


We always encourage our customers to contact us and get an expert advice to choose the right product before placing an order. Once the customer makes his choice, we monitor the whole ordering process to ensure all the mistakes are eliminated:

place the order
review your order
ship the order
If you don't see the exact door or configuration you want, give us a call to get help with placing an order 1 (855) 558-3667. Once you make your choice - place an order.
We review the order details and create a work order for production. Our customer service agent submits the detailed work order to the customer for review and approval.
The customer confirms the specs of the work order by email and we place the order into production.
Once the product is ready, we contact the customer to notify him/her about the delivery dates and ship the order.


The process is very simple. Just start browsing our door selection to find the design you like. Select the door to view options and available configurations with prices.

Please review the available door options:

Door Finish or Door Version

Our doors are available in steel and/or fibreglass smooth and wood-grain build. Steel doors come finished WHITE POLYTEX 141 (POLYESTER) and are ready for installation. They can be sprayed or hand painted. The white color matches perfectly with door glass frames, so there is no need for additional painting. Fibreglass doors are usually priced factory painted. You may choose a custom colour from our palette. We also have a colour matching service, so you may provide the color code from Benjamin Moore palette.

Door Size (Outside Frame or Rough Opening)

Please select the door size. If you are thinking to replace an existing door, we strongly recommend to change both the door and the frame. Measure width and height from brick to brick, as you will receive an entire pre-hung system. If your door is out of standard sizes, please do not hesitate to inquire. We are able to customize your door.

Door Jamb Width

We use finger-jointed pine or composite door jambs wrapped in smooth or wood grain vinyl. Jambs are available in the following sizes: 1-3/16″ x 6-9/16″ and 1-3/16″ x 4-9/16″. If your structural opening is thicker than 7" we may offer a jamb extension. Please inquire over the phone.

Door Handing and Operation

Determine the handing and swing of the door. If you are standing outside facing the door and the hinges are on left, then the door has left handling. If the hinges are on the right, then you have a right handing door. Our standard doors are inswing which means they open inside. Please, contact us if you need an outswing door.

Locking Set Prep

We recommend to choose hardware before ordering a door. Thus you can properly select boring for locksets. We also offer state-of-the-art German multi-point locking system. This is a very popular and cost effective solution for any door.

Once you have customized your door, add it to the cart and follow the check-out instructions.