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Richmond Hill Contemporary Doors: Making an Impression


If you are looking for the best Richmond Hill contemporary doors, then Door Shoppers is the right place to go to. Interior or exterior, there are Richmond Hill contemporary doors that are perfect suited for your home or business.


Premium Fiber Made Richmond Hill Contemporary Doors


A premium fiber glass door with stainless steel lines is as durable as you can get. Fiber glass benefits are strong and durable. The doors will not crack, dent, scratch or rust, don’t deform, split, shrink or swell for a very long time. It can be stained and/or painted to match your home's design. Using Richmond Hill contemporary doors made of fiber glass for your home door adds security to your house and saves you money in the long term.

What are some of the features of our Richmond Hill contemporary doors exterior fiber glass (Fiber tech FR 20) series?

  • FIBER GLASS build model with TEAK WOOD GRAIN texture
  • Standard threshold and hinges comes in satin nickel finish
  • Standard finish with SPANISH OAK stain added
  • Maintenance Free PVC wrapped door frame added
  • PVC wrapped Exterior Brick mould added
  • Touch up stain for custom painted doors added

These fiber glass doors are available in smooth or oak wood grain textures. They have a lifetime guarantee for quality and durability.


High Quality Richmond Hill Contemporary Doors


Our Richmond Hill Contemporary Doors are compliant with standards from governing bodies that determines the high level of quality of products that consumers buy. For example, the National Fenestration Rating council provides accurate information to measure and compare performance of doors. They certified our fiber glass doors as energy efficient and can withstand all types of weather.

The CEN (European Committee for Standardization) certifies our doors for their longevity, safety, and energy efficiency. Canadian standards association A440: 2000 validates Richmond Hill contemporary doors’ the strength of its structural resistance and ease of operation.


A Wide Range of Choices for Richmond Residents


We have a lot more styles, sizes and designs for our Richmond Hill contemporary doors so you can easily find what you want for your unique preference. Whether single entry or double entry doors, there’s a wide array of doors to choose from. We have doors that will meet your every need and expectation.

Our Richmond Hill contemporary doors provides a clean look that is very popular recently. Contemporary design is adapting and ever changing. Our collection of contemporary styles provides clean lines, and distinctive styles that show the quality and craftsmanship that we are known for.


Boost the curb appeal of your house with a welcoming door from Door Shoppers and make a lasting impression on your guests. Make the most out of your purchase and select a door based on practicality, longevity, and security. Contact Door Shoppers today!