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Award-wining, North American design in partnership with Eclipse Architectural Systems.

Fiberglass, with its incredible strength and lightweight construction, makes it a highly versatile material. Designed and engineered for you in Canada, our range of fiberglass bi-folding door systems offer a contemporary look and provide a maintenance fee solution due to exceptional weather-resistance properties – thermal insulation technology.

Our bi-folding doors are designed to bring out the natural light in your house that radiates heat waves away from the surface. They feature a low profile, high-quality glass designs, and a wide selection of customizable designs for you to embrace. The ingenuity of the bi-folding structure allows for bold architectural decisions and creates an illusion of a larger space, incorporating the outside scenery into the comfort of your home.

We ensure that your home will stay secure, stylish, and extraordinary with superior craftsmanship and extreme class materials. Each system is equipped with unique running carriages that mount to the door frame to ensure the smoothest operation and outstanding aesthetics.


The slimmest design ever – available in custom panel sizes.
  • Developed by utilizing award-winning experiences
  • Provides more flexibility – particularly to those with space limitations
  • Smooth and sleek finish
  • Custom glass unit sizes
  • Locking mechanism and door hardware options
  • Easy operation


A more affordable universal perspective.
  • Manufactured using pre-determined panel and glass sizes
  • Available in fiberglass smooth and woodgrain finishes
  • Adds on a staining option for a more traditional look
  • Variety of lock plate sizes, handles and finishes
  • Same unique features



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